Week 11: Whole wheat croissant

Okay, this must have been the ugliest croissant in the history of croissant, to no fault of the recipe. And a personal lesson I learnt – do not start by laminating wholemeal dough. Laminating dough is no joke, and the added grainy texture of wholemeal flour made it a total nightmare.

It took me a whole morning, forcing myself out of bed at 8:30 on a Sunday morning, until I finally got these little things into the oven at 3 p.m.! Due to my inexperience, the dough required a lot more chilling than it should. And sadly, despite it all, I think the dough was somewhat under proof, and a lot of the butter ended up on the baking tray.

Still, taste-wise, it was pretty good. I admit, I do like the wholemeal flour, and like David Lebovitz said, there’s just no wholemeal flour croissant in any of that many French boulangerie out there. But, until I master the art of laminating dough, I should probably stick with plain flour.


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