Week 6: Clotilde’s very chocolate cookies

I don’t know why I have never really considered baking cookies before. This one is absolutely heavenly. And, they are so fast and easy. and that is considering my mutilated thumb due to a kitchen accident yesterday.

I pretty much followed the recipe exactly, except, I was a bit lazy to chop up the chocolate. So, for the melted chocolate, I used the bittersweet chocolate buttons directly. And for the other half, I used mini dark bittersweet chocolate chips. Also, since I have absolutely no idea where to get cocoa nibs from, I substitute that using the chocolate chips as well. And I chose to go with chocolate extract instead of vanilla extract.

The result – an extremely crumbly and chocolatey concoction. In fact, I did not read carefully that the cookies need some time to set, and accidentally  dropped one on the floor when I tried to move it. It was so good that I ended up eating the cookie crumbs off the floor! Sad, I know.


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