Week 4: Brioche

Disclaimer: I love brioche. This is my absolute favorite bread, which I enjoy more than croissants, baguette, foccacia, or even those super soft and fluffy Japanese-style bread which was all the rage at a point. After all, what’s not to love with all the butter and eggs added to make the brioche dough a truly “enriched” dough?
So I began the hunt for a workable brioche recipe. After reading through a multitude of recipes, I finally settled on this one, which is supposed to be from Paul Hollywood. I was a little cautious, seeing this is my first brioche attempt, so I decided to cut the recipe in half, using 2 large eggs in place of the original 5 medium eggs.

I was not sure how to shape it, as I was going to bake it in a loaf pan, which explains the odd 7-ball loaf I ended up with. My main mistake however, was that I did not spend enough time kneading the dough, and the texture came out more like a cake, than bread. However, taste-wise, I thought it was pretty good. And it served as my breakfast for the rest of the week.


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