Week 3: Quiche Lorraine

I am not sure why, but I always get the impression that quiche Lorraine is a rather tricky bake. I must have read through Martha Stewart’s quiche Lorraine’s recipe at least 10 times, trying to find out what is the tricky part, and not seeing it at all.

I pretty followed the recipe to the ’t’. Except, I refrigerated the dough overnight, since I prepared it quite late at night. I thought the recipe called for just a little bit too much bacon. 2 to 3 less strips would have worked for me. Also, I had a bit of the leftover egg and cream mixture.

The quiche was delicious, The only slight problem I ran into was that parts of the tart dough melted in the oven before it could set, so there was a bit of a tart fixing operation. Next time, I would probably leave the extra dough over the edge of the tart tin and trim it away after it was blind baked. We shall see when I get to it next.

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