I had a really good laugh watching the contestants on The Great British Bake-off struggling with this technical challenge. And strangely, I had this nagging thought at the back of my mind that I should give it a try. Oh well, since the recipe is readily available, and it uses a very basic bread dough,... Continue Reading →


I don’t know why I have never really considered baking cookies before. This one is absolutely heavenly. And, they are so fast and easy. and that is considering my mutilated thumb due to a kitchen accident yesterday. I pretty much followed the recipe exactly, except, I was a bit lazy to chop up the chocolate.... Continue Reading →

I don’t normally bake on week nights, but, since I will be away this weekend, I thought I would bake a batch of these biscuits. The recipe seemed rather straightforward. I decided to step up a little on the cayenne pepper and garlic salt, which, I thought was a little scarce in the original recipe.... Continue Reading →

Second attempt at chocolate cupcakes using the same recipe for the cake and chocolate frosting as before, but separated half of the frosting and adding salted caramel sauce in it. Unfortunately, the salted caramel flavor was not as distinct as I would have liked. In the hindsight, judging from the fact that I am left... Continue Reading →

So far, everything I have made uses some form of chocolate. I thought I should probably try something different, and lemon cupcakes seem like an interesting enough option. Unfortunately, I was not able to find a recipe that I had enough confident. In the end, I decided to just adapt the red velvet recipe and... Continue Reading →

Unsatisfied with my first attempt at brioche, and knowing where I did wrong, sort of, I decided to give it another try. This time I decided to use a slightly different recipe, adapted from this one. Makes: 1 loaf INGREDIENTS 250g bread flour 5g salt 25g caster sugar 5g instant yeast 70ml warm full-fat milk... Continue Reading →

Disclaimer: I love brioche. This is my absolute favorite bread, which I enjoy more than croissants, baguette, foccacia, or even those super soft and fluffy Japanese-style bread which was all the rage at a point. After all, what’s not to love with all the butter and eggs added to make the brioche dough a truly... Continue Reading →

I was originally intrigued by this recipe on Martha Stewart’s website due to the Vanilla French buttercream. It sounded really delicious, and the fact that I have not made anything with actual vanilla beans made it even more interesting. Unfortunately, the frosting came out way too sweet and couldn’t hold its shape in room temperature.... Continue Reading →

I bought this jar of delicious pork rillettes from one of the French restaurant in town, but, oddly have not gotten around to it because I could never seem to remember to pick up a nice baguette. So, when I came across this recipe from Paul Hollywood, I thought, why not give it a try?... Continue Reading →

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